Renovation Blueprint

Here is the blueprint of the proposed renovations to East Buchanan's High School from the March 30th, 2016 Board Meeting.  

The proposed renovations will be:

1) New industrial technology building (orange) will be build and connected to the current school on the current location of the industrial technology building.

2) A safe room/multipurpose room (red) will be attached to the current all purpose room.

3) A state-of-the-art fine arts stage (yellow) will be attached to the west side of the new gym.

4) New competition gym (blue) will be on the north side of the school with new lockerrooms and concession stand on the south side of the gym.

Total cost of the proposed renovation will be $6,329,644.11.  To see a breakdown of the costs as well as the summary of the project financing, click on the pdf- "EB Cost Breakdown" and "Project Financing Summary"- below. (Revised September 12, 2016)